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Condensation vessel 5l with exhaust hose Condensation vessel 5l with exhaust... detalles Exhaust hose 1 m Exhaust hose 1 m detalles Exhaust filter with condensation vessel and exhaust hose Exhaust filter with... detalles Barcode scanner allows reading the sterilization protocol of an item for... detalles CertoClav R/O-System (including filter) requires tap water connection reverse... detalles CertoClav Vac Pro 12 12 liters The laboratory autoclaves from... detalles Water distiller distils fully automatic 1.5 liters of water within an hour... detalles Sediment filter replace every 6 months for CertoClav R/O-System Sediment... detalles Filter cartridge 0,01 Micron, replacement for exhaust filter Filter cartridge... detalles Service Set 4 door sealing, bacteria filter, safety valve for CertoClav Vac... detalles Tray Set with 3 trays Material: Stainless steel for CertoClav Vac Pro 45 Tray... detalles