Lista de artículos del fabricante: Lauda - Primera letra: A
Número de artículo Descripción
HKA058 Adaptor M16x1(I) - G3/8" (O)
HKA063 Angle connector 90° 1x screw cap M16x1 (O)
HKA068 Adaptor M14x1.5 - M16x1
HKA073 Angle connector 90° 1x screw cap M16x1
HKA144 Adaptor M16x1 (I) - G1/4" (I)
HKA149 Adapter M16x1 (O) - spherical liner RD=28
HKA150 Adapter M16x1mm(i.d.) - G 1/2"(o.d.) Inner Dia. 4.5 / Connection Solenoid Valve
HKA152 Adapter M30x1.5 (O) - M16x1 (I) for Integral XT except XT 1850 W(S)
HKA153 Angle connector M30x1.5 (I) to M30x1.5 (O) for Integral XT except XT 1850 W(S)
HKA160 Adapter M30x1.5 (O) - spherical liner RD=28
HKA164 Adapter M38x1.5 (O) to M30x1.5 (I) for Integral XT
HKA165 Angle connector M38x1.5 (I) to M38x1.5 (O) for XT 1850 W(S)
HKA170 Adapter M30x1.5 (I) to G3/4" (O) for Integral XT
HKA172 Adapter M30x1.5 (I) to NPT 3/4" (O) for Integral XT
HKA186 Adapter M30x1.5 (O) to NPT1/2" (O)
HKA189 Adapter M38x1.5 (I) to G1" (O)
HKA200 Adapter M30x1.5 (O) to NPT1/2" (I)
HKA213 Adapter G3/4" (I) to NPT3/4" (O) Brass
HKN059 Adapter M14x1.5 to M16x1 (O)
LTZ001 Atherman Illuminator AL 15 220-240V;50/60Hz
LTZ002 Atherman Illuminator AL 20 220-240V;50/60Hz
LRZ912 Analogue module PMA with LiBus
LCZ0669 AdapterSet for castors (2 blockers) for RP 855 to RP 1845
LCZ0672 Adapter Set for castros (4 blockers) for RP 855 to RP 1845
LCZ9661 Automatic filling device via LiBus
LWZ037 Adapter cpl. M16x1 - G3/4i Integral, WK, WKL
LWZ094 Accessories: Expansion Tank for XT 280W
LWZ118 Accessories: Flow Controller VC 1200 (W) ... VC 5000 (W); Max. +80°C, Min-20°C
LWZ119 Accessories: Flow Controller VC 7000 (W) ... VC 10000 (W); Max. +80°C, Min-20°C
LWZ129 Accessories: Flow Controller VC 600 Max. +80°C, Min-20°C
LZB129 Algizid Aquastab 5Liter Kanister
UD541 Accessories for A 100 (clip + screws)
UD879 Adapter M24x1.5 (I) to M30x1.5 (O)
UD880 Adapter M24x1.5 (I) to M16x1 (A)
UD881 Adapter M24x1.5 (O) to M16x1 (I)
UD882 Adapter M24x1.5 (O) to M30x1.5 (I)
LZB429 Algicide Aquastab 1L Bottle
LZB929 Algicide Aquastab 100ml Bottle