VGKL 17 páginas - Boesecke

Disposable Sample Containers, Gamma Sterilized, BOESECKE

Disposable Sample Containers made of PP, closure PE, 125 ml, gamma sterilized, with safety and writing label.

Buffer Solutions and Potassium Chlorid Solution, BOESECKE

Technical buffer solutions to DIN 19267, traceable to standard reference material from PTB and NIST, potassium chlorid solution for storage of pH-electrode.

TURBOE 4/2 Stirrer, Multi-Point, with Temperature-Controlled Bath, BOESECKE

Multi-point stirrer with 4 individual stirring points of 105 W each, incl. 4 paddle stirrers, digital adjustment of speed from 50 to 2.000 rpm, microprocessor control for constant speedDigital indication of setpoint and actual speedContinuous adjustm...