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Laboratory Autoclaves, CertoClav

Aluminium chamberVenting by stream processElectronic process control1 program preinstalled: 25 minutes 121°C with ventingPrinter portScope of delivery: autoclave, base plate, power supply cable, control unit

Laboratory Autoclaves Vacuum Pro, CertoClav

Stand-alone autoclave, no water connection requiredOptional: with fixed water connection by R/O system for automatic fillingSterilisation of solid instruments within 20 minutes (time including drying)Flexible media temperature sensor for liquidsInteg...

Reverse Osmosis System, CertoClav

The CertoClav R/O system with its alphanumeric display can either be connected directly to the autoclave, or used autonomously for filling an external water tank. Compact, hygienic design. Alarm function. Can be attached to the wall or installed on t...