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Test Kits for Rapid Analysis, VISOCOLOR®, MACHEREY-NAGEL

(1) VISOCOLOR® enviroment case with photometer PF-12Plus

With photometer PF-12Plus for the determination of ammonium, carbonate hardness, iron, total hardness, nitrate, nitrite, pH 4.0 – 9.0 and phosphate.


Order No.
VISOCOLOR® environment case with photometer PF-12Plus10 46 94353

(2) VISOCOLOR® ECO analysis case

For the colorimetric determination of ammonium, carbonate hardness, total hardness, nitrate, nitrite, pH 4.0 – 9.0 and phosphate.

ArticleOrder No.
VISOCOLOR® ECO analysis case80 46 31001

(3) VISOCOLOR® analysis case


The VISOCOLOR® reagent case contains the following test kits:
Alkalinity AL 7 (total):accuracy 0.2 mmol/l or 0.5 °d
Ammonium 3:0.2 – 3 mg/l NH4+
Total hardness H 20 F:accuracy 0.1 mmol/l or 0.5 °d
Nitrite:0.02 – 0.50 mg/l NO2-
pH 4.0 – 9.0:pH 4.0 – 9.0
Phosphate:0.2 – 5 mg/l P
Oxygen SA 10:accuracy 0.2 mg/l O2 (oxygen deficit)
Temperature:-10 to +60 °C
Additionally the case can hold additional VISOCOLOR® test kits.
Shelf life of reagents at least 18 months.

ArticleOrder No.
VISOCOLOR® analysis case80 46 31302

As refills for this VISOCOLOR® reagent case you can use the following test kits:
Alkalinity AL 7, ammonium 3, total hardness H 20 F, nitrite, pH 4.0 to 9.0, phosphate, oxygen SA 10

(4) VISOCOLOR® analysis case without test kits

The VISOCOLOR® reagent case without test kits allows the individual combination of test kits from the complete range of VISOCOLOR® programme and pH indicator papers, pH-Fix test strips, qualitative test papers and semi-quantitative QUANTOFIX® test strips, e.g. for applications in:
boiler water conditioning, cooling water conditioning, water treatment, irrigation, beverage industries, breweries, printing industries, education, corrosion prevention, surface finishing, construction industry, aquaculture and others.

ArticleOrder No.
VISOCOLOR® analysis case without test kits80 46 31307

Soil case

The reagent case for soil analysis comes complete with a comprehensive handbook for the determination of: soil structure, pH, nitrate, ammonium, phosphate and potassium. Disposables and replacement parts can be purchased separately. VISOCOLOR® soil cases are perfect tools for economical, fast and low-cost soil analysis in the lab and also directly in the field. Choose between a version with and without the compact photometer PF-3 Soil which was developed specifically for soil analysis. Both case versions comprise analysis instruments such as scales, sieve etc., as well as pre-dosed solutions for manufacturing the required soil extracts.

ArticleOrder No.
(5)VISOCOLOR® soil case10 46 91601
(6)VISOCOLOR® soil case with PF-3 Soil10 46 94220

(7) Compact photometer PF-12Plus

  • Easy handling for accurate results
  • Sturdy and water-tight
  • Nephelometric turbidity measurement and NTU check

The compact photometer PF-12Plus is tailored to the requirements of mobile water analysis. The icon-based menu navigation and clearly structured task bar make the PF-12Plus an easy-to-use photometer for all applications water and waste water testing – no time-consuming training required. Supplied in a sturdy case filled with practical accessories, this compact photometer is a particularly well suited for water testing directly at the sampling site.


Type:Filter photometer with microprocessor control, self-test and auto-calibration
Optics:Automatic filter wheel with 7 interference filters, insensitive to external light – no light shield required
Wavelengths:345 nm / 436 nm / 470 nm / 540 nm / 585 nm / 620 nm / 690 nm plus one compartment for storing one additional filter; 860 n m LED for NTU measurement
Measuring modes:Over 100 pre-programmed tests and special methods, extinction, transmission, factor, standard, nephelometric turbidity measurement; 50 freely programmable methods
Data memory:1000 results, GLP conform
Display:Backlit graphic display, 128 × 64 pixels, all key data at a glance
Result in respective unit, date, time, sample number, sample location, dilution, measuring range bar
Power supply:Via USB power supply, standard or rechargeable batteries or rechargeable power pack
Dimensions:215 × 100 × 65 mm
Weight:0.7 kg

ArticleOrder No.
Compact photometer PF-12Plus10 46 99250
incl. software DVD, Quick Start Guide, magazine of test instructions "VISOCOLOR® ECO Testanleitungen für Kompaktphotometer PF-12Plus", 4 batteries, 4 empty test tubes, funnel, beak, syringe, USB cabel, calibration cuvette, certificate and cleaning cloth in rugged case
USB power supply10 46 99220
Charger10 46 99221
Accu pack10 46 99201

(8) Reagent case VISOCOLOR® School

The VISOCOLOR® School reagent case is especially designed for schools and caters to the needs of both students and teachers. All reagents are approved to be used in schools in Germany (GUV-SR 2004 directive) and can be disposed of easily just down the drain without any harm to the environment.

ArticleOrder No.
Reagent case VISOCOLOR® School10 46 93100

(9) Reagent case VISOCOLOR® Fish

The VISOCOLOR® Fish reagent case was designed specifically for the requirements in connection with testing fishing waters. The practical, sturdy case is particularly well suited for mobile analysis directly on the water sampling site. In addition to the accessories needed for analysis, the reagent case VISOCOLOR® Fish holds 6 tests for colorimetric and titrimetric determination of the major water parameters ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, pH, and total hardness.

ArticleOrder No.
Reagent case VISOCOLOR® Fish10 46 93101