Rotary Cone Sample Divider LABORETTE 27, FRITSCH

Rotary Cone Sample Divider LABORETTE 27

Creates the optimal basis for reliable analysis of a representative sample! Representative samples division is the foundation for every precise analysis. The Rotary Cone Sample Divider LABORETTE 27 achieves due to its unique combination of three methods previously unheard of dividing precision. Variable division ratios and the design in several variants guarantee adaptation to a wide range of applications with a dividing accuracy of up to 99.9 %. For optimal sample feeding the Vibratory Feeder LABORETTE 24 (optional) is recommended.


Technical data:
Division:of solid samples and suspensions, without modification
Division ratio:1:81:101:30
Number of fractions:8103
Max. particle size:10 mm10 mm2.5 mm
Max. feed volume:4,000 ml2,500 ml300 ml
of sample bottles:

32, 250, 500 ml

32, 250 ml

15, 20, 30 ml
Supply requirements:230 V/1∼, 50 – 60 Hz
Dimensions (W × D × H):27 × 45 × 46 cm

Weight net:7.7 kg

ArticleOrder No.
Rotary Cone Sample Divider LABORETTE 27, 230 V54 98 27142
Instrument also available in other voltages.
Dividing heads must be ordered additionally.

Accessories for Rotary Cone Sample Divider LABORETTE 27
ArticleDivision ratioSample bottle
Order No.
POM plastic1:850054 98 27130
Aluminium1:850054 98 27115
POM plastic1:1025054 98 27515
Aluminium1:1025054 98 27415
POM plastic1:30 1554 98 27615
PTFE-coated aluminium1:30 1554 98 27215

All dividing heads are delivered inclusive sample bottles and funnels.