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Aspiration Systems, Welch Vacuum

Aspiration systems 2511C-75 / Biovac 106
Welch aspiration systems are designed for hazard-free aspiration of liquid residues in all areas of industry and research. Also suitable for aspiration of highly viscous media such as oil. The collection tray is easy to replace.

Pipettes and tips can be exchanged for safe aspiration and removal of different types of liquids.

Scope of delivery: Vacuum pump, autoclavable collection tray made of plastic, adapter, hoses, inline filter and automatic locking valve.
The aspiration system 2511C-75 has a pressure gauge. The Biovac 106 is delivered with hand piece and quick-coupling connectors.
Other accessories such as foot rest, spare tray, and hand pieces with pipette sets are available on request.


Suction rate
Collection containerW × D × H
Order No.
(1)2511C-75152 litres280×210×2552.610 92 42511
(2)biovac 106254 litres355×145×2778.010 92 43704