Cubis® II Laboratory Balances, Sartorius Lab Products and Services

The modular weighing system Cubis® II can be configured individually from a series of components. Display unit, weighing module, draft shield, software packages for various applications and functions, and a wide range of accessories ensures that the Cubis® II balance can be individually adapted to all weighing tasks. With a maximum load of 2.1 g to 70 kg and a readability between 0.1 µg and 1 g, the premium laboratory balances of the Cubis® II series offer the perfect match for every application.


  • Monolithic weighing system, integrated thermal sensors, individual sample holders
  • Error-free operation: individual QApp workflows, motorised automated leveling
  • Full gap-free data integrity: compliance with US Directive 21 CFR Part 11, integrated audit trail, state-of-the-art user management
  • Customer service: integrated status centre, integrated service functions, preventive maintenance pursuant to recognised standards


Order No.
MCA10.6S-S00-M10 55 50600
MCA224S-S00-I10 55 50400
MCA6202S-S00-010 55 50200
MCA225S-S00-I10 55 50500
MCA5203S-S00-E10 55 50300
MCA36201S-S00-010 55 50100

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