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Digital Laboratory Refractometers – Abbemat 3X00, Anton Paar

The compact Abbemat 3X00 refractometers are characterised by reliability, precision, and convenience: Abbemat refractometers offer a unique combination of technical expertise and user-friendly operation for measuring the refractive index and concentration. Thanks to premium technology and the compact design of the Abbemats 3X00, time-consuming measurements are replaced by highly efficient quality assurance processes. Optionally, a concentration can be output directly simultaneously with measuring the refractive index. In addition to the pre-installed concentration scales (refractive index, Brix, fructose, invert sugar, sucrose), more than 100 additional scales are available on request.
Choose from three refractometers developed to match any type of application and any budget.
The Abbemat 3000 measures the sample temperature to an accuracy of ±0.05°C and is equipped with an automatic temperature compensation. The Abbemat 3100 and the Abbemat 3200 additionally have an integrated Peltier element for accurate control of the sample temperature.


Technical data:

Resolution nD:±0.0001 / 0.01 % Brix
Accuracy nD1):±0.0001 / 0.05 % Brix
Temperature probe accuarcy1):±0.05°C
Wetted parts:Sapphire, FFKM, stainless steel
Light source:LED light source
Wavelength:589 nm
Minimum sample volume:approx. 0.2 ml
Measuring time:approx. 5 seconds per sample (after temp. equilibration)
Default methods:Refractive Index, Brix, glucose, fructose, invert sugar, sucrose
Additional methods:More than 100 scales available on request (e.g. syrup, honey, alcohol, urine, serum, acides, bases)
Data interface:RS-232, 2 USB ports, 1 USB serial, Ethernet
User interface:5.8 inch touchscreen
Dimensions (W×H×D):228 × 94 × 300 mm
Weight:< 4.7 kg
1) valid at refractometric standard conditions (T = 20°C, λ = 589 nm, ambient temperature = 23°C)

TypeMeasuring range
TemperatureOrder No.
Abbemat 30001.30 – 1.66Temperature adjustment10 63 33000
Abbemat 31001.30 – 1.6620°C and 25°C10 63 33100
Abbemat 32001.30 – 1.7215°C to 60°C10 63 33200

We grant 3 years' warranty for these devices. All repairs are free during this period of time.