Microsart® Manifolds made of Stainless Steel, Sartorius Lab Products and Services

The ability to accurately detect and quantify microorganisms in liquid samples is of prime importance for any quality control laboratory. This is why membrane filtration is the established method of choice for liquid testing as it provides reliable and reproducible results.
Facilitate your daily microbiological testing procedures with the Microsart® Manifold: select the proper manifold for your individual microbiological testing procedure. Decide between different sizes of manifolds and whether you prefer disposable or stainless steel funnels or filter units.


  • 100% stainless steel for minimized cleaning effort: full autoclavability without disassembly
  • Sterile venting in critical applications: reduced risk of secondary contamination
  • Quick connection adapters: for fast connection of tubing and fast interconnection of 2 manifolds
  • Low working height: for ergonomic working in laminar flow


TypeOrder No.
168M1-MSMicrosart® 1-branch manifold for Microsart® funnels and filters10 16 61680
168M1-BS100Microsart® 1-branch manifold for Biosart® 100 monitors10 16 61681
168M1-BS250Microsart® 1-branch manifold for Biosart® 250 funnels10 16 61682
168M1-SS100Microsart® 1-branch manifold for 100 ml stainless steel funnels10 16 61611
168M1-SS500Microsart® 1-branch manifold for 500 ml stainless steel funnels10 16 61615

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