Secchi Disk, WINLAB®

For determining the depth of visibility and light permeability of water. This new sturdy design is made of strong, hard-wearing plastic and has a lead weight for better lowering.
The approx. 15 cm high rod is fitted with an eyelet for fastening the lowering engine.
The lowering line is marked at intervals of 50 cm for better reading of the depth of visibility while the disk is being lowered.


Order No.
(1)Secchi disk39 43 28009

With eyelet, without towing line. 250 mm Ø.

(2)Secchi disk, divided10 03 28010
Secchi disk, divided in four segments, two of those black, diam. 250 mm
(3)Lowering line made of nylon39 43 28001
10 m long with markings in intervals of 50 cm, full meters marked with numbers.