Two-Stage Robust Rotary Vane Pump CRVpro, Welch Vacuum

Two-stage rotary vane pumps

The Welch CRVpro pumps are high-performance two-stage rotary vane pumps. These robust vacuum pumps impress with their long service life, high reliability and low maintenance requirements.


  • Cool running operation for less oil consumption
  • Coated oil case to slow metal corrosion
  • Large oil case to reduce the risk of chemical attacks
  • Anti-suck back valve
  • Dual voltage


Technical data:

Ultimate pressure without gas ballast partial:5 × 10–4 mbar
Ultimate pressure without gas ballast total: 2 × 10–3 mbar
Ultimate pressure with gas ballast total: 7 × 10–2 mbar
Connection flanges:DN 16 KF
Noise level (50 Hz):50 dB (A)
Voltage:220 – 240 V / 50 Hz or 115 – 230 V / 60 Hz
Motor speed (50/60 Hz):0.37/0.4 kW
Dimension (L×W×H):463 × 157 × 230 mm

TypeforPumping speed DIN 28426/part 1; pneurop Hz (FAD)Oil capacity
Order No.
(1)CRVpro 4Freeze dryers, Schlenk Lines,
industrial applications
4 m3/h (67 l/min)11502110 92 43042
(2)CRVpro 6Freeze dryers, vacuum concentrators,
industrial applications
6 m3/h / (100 l/min)11502210 92 43062
(3)CRVpro 8Freeze dryers, glove boxes, vacuum ovens,
HVAC industrial applications
8 m3/h / (133 l/min)100022.510 92 43082

Scope of delivery: Rotary vine pump with mains cable, vacuum pump oil, centring rings, clamping rings, and motor overload protection.

ArticleOrder No.
(4)Oil mist separator AKD 1656 92 30883
(5)Oil mist filter OME 10/1656 92 70010
Freeze dryer adapter kit10 92 43091
The Freeze Dryer Adapter kit consists of the oil mist separator AKD 16, 2-way ball valve, 1.5 m vacuum hose (PVC) and adapter DN16KF / DN25KF.

Oil Mist Separator AKD and Filter OME are dedicated to oil mist elimination. These are to be mounted to the exhaust port of rotary vane pump.
Other accessories such as filters, traps, hoses, connectors, service kits are available upon request.


Triple distilled hydrocarbon oil has fewer impurities for increased pump oil life. Designed to resist breakdown at higher RPMs and operating temperatures.

ArticleOrder No.PU
Directorr™ Premium vacuum oil, 1 litre10 92 430921
Directorr™ Premium vacuum oil, 5 litre10 92 430935


Scope of delivery:
Oil mist separator AKD 16, 2-way valve, hose connector DN16KF-10/8 mm, vacuum hose (1.5 m), oil drain kit.

PackagePumpOrder No.
CRVpro 4 packageCRVpro 410 92 43094
CRVpro 6 packageCRVpro 610 92 43095
CRVpro 8 packageCRVpro 810 92 43096