Cooling Trap made of Stainless Steel, KGW-Isotherm

Stainless steel cooling trap with Dewar flask made of borosilicate glass 3.3 type 18C or stainless steel Dewar flask type DSS 2000. To condensate water, solvents, or gases in connection with a vacuum pump.


  • Laboratory technology
  • Medical engineering
  • Life science
  • Vacuum engineering


  • Reliable and easy handling
  • No stand material for holding the cooling trap necessary
  • Dewar flasks according to DIN 12492
  • Protective casing of Dewar flask made of blue coated metal, aluminum stucco or stainless steel
  • For liquid cooling agents, e.g. LN2 (approx. -196°C)
  • For solid cooling agents CO2 (approx. -77°C) with solvent (CO2 wire basket necessary)


Technical data:Dewar flask type 18 C

Dewar flask type DSS 2000

Material:(DURAN) borosilicate glass 3.3 ISO 3585Stainless steel/nickel chromium steel
Coolant capacity:approx. 1.6 literapprox. 1.2 liter
Coolant compartment:unpressurizedunpressurized
Support ring:PE, white, two-piecePE, white, two-piece
Cooling trap:KF54V
Connections:KF NW 16
Two-piece:KF NW 50
Material:V2A / 1.4301
Condensate capacity:200 ml
Pressure range:vacuum to max. 10-6 mbar
Pressure:to max. 3 bar overpressure

ArticleOrder No.
(1)Cold trap made of stainless steel KF54V with Dewar Vessel made of borosilicate glass 3.310 50 11710
(2)Cold trap made of stainless steel KF54V with Dewar Vessel made of stainless steel10 50 11711
(3)CO2 wire basket for cold trap type 18 C for easy handling10 50 11720
(3)CO2 wire basket for cold trap type DSS 2000 for easy handling10 50 11721