Density Meter DMA 501, Anton Paar

The simple and robust DMA 501 is a digital laboratory density meter based on the flexural resonator principle. It is accurate to 3 digits and offers a modern, user-friendly interface on a 7″ colour display.
Featuring the U-View (live camera image from the measuring cell), FillingCheck (automatic detection of filling errors) and the full-range viscosity correction, it easily adjusts to any type of sample and to different users.
With its U-shaped borosilicate flexural resonator and the new, patented Pulsed Excitation Method, it is perfectly suited for measuring acids and lyes, paints and varnishes, solvents, pharmaceuticals, food and drinks, flavours, as well as petrochemicals.
It excels particularly for its ability to measure inhomogeneous and complicated samples such as suspensions, emulsions, highly viscous gels and pastes, and aerosols.

Filling options:
The digital density meter is filled either by means of a syringe or optionally via a peristaltic pump integrated at the side of the device (normal1) / highly resistant2)); after displacement and cleaning, it is dried with the integrated air pump.

Scope of delivery:
The DMA 501 is immediately ready for use. It comes in a protective cover. ON request, it will be traceably calibrated pursuant to ISO/IEC 17025 before delivery.

Special features:

  • U-View – live camera picture of the measuring cell which is also saved
  • FillingCheck: Assessment of the vibration characteristics for filling error detection

1)Hose material: Novoprene
2)Hose material: Norprene A-60-G, Norprene Chemical


Technical data:

Accuracy:Density 0.001 g/cm³, temperature 0.3°C
Reproducibility:Density 0.0002 g/cm³, temperature 0.1°C
Measuring range:Density 0 – 3 g/cm³, temperature 15 – 40°C (Peltier)
Output parameters:Density, specific gravity, alkohol / sugar / extrakt / acid / base tables, API functions, custom-specific functions
Internal storage:5000 measured results
Dimensions (L×W×H):375 × 265 × 180 mm
Weight:13.5 kg

ArticleOrder No.
(1)DMA 501 with syringe filling10 63 35010
Peristaltic pump for DMA 50110 63 35011
Highly resistant peristaltic pump for DMA 50110 63 35012
ISO 17025 calibration10 63 35013

We grant 3 years' warranty for these devices. All repairs are free during this period of time.