Cooling Trap with Dewar Vessel, KGW-Isotherm

The cooling traps KF 29-GL and KFL 29-GL consist of a Dewar vessel Type 12 C or 18 C, the cooling trap with GL 18 glass thread and PTFE-Olive, as well as a plastic top ring. The type KF 29-GL-A and KFL 29-GL-A additionally have a spout GL 32 with a screw cap at the cooling finger.
Further sizes and connections available on request.

The cold traps are produced solely from borosilicate glass 3.3 (DIN/ISO 3585).


DewarCondensate volume
Order No.
(1)KF 29-GL12 C15010 50 12900
KFL 29-GL18 C25010 50 12901
(2)KF 29-GL-A12 C15010 50 12910
KFL 29-GL-A18 C25010 50 12911