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Piston Pumps, Welch Vacuum

Piston pumps are a reliable partner for physical applications and processes wit vapours. Due to their suitability as vacuum pump or compressor, they are used in a wide range of applications such as filtration, gas sample taking, vacuum drying, and automation engineering. By means of the integrated manometers, the vacuum and pressure values can be monitored permanently. These pumps are suitable for dry or aqueous vapour applications only.


  • Dry-run technology for physical applications
  • Can be used as vacuum pump and compressor
  • Regulator valve with manometer at suction side
  • Regulator valve with manometer at pressure side in models with compressor function
  • Condensate pre-separator to protect the pump from liquid throughput
  • Silencer for noiseless operation
  • Feet with suction cups for a safe stand at the workstation

Scope of delivery:
WOB-L piston pump with manual pressure regulator, vacuum or pressure manometer, exhaust silencer, liquid pre-separator, and mains cable.


Power supply:230 V 50/60 Hz

Ultimate total pressure mbar13393806.7
Suction rate 50/60 Hz m3/h1.1/1.31.7/2.02.3/2.74.9/5.9
Overpressure max. bar7.95.85.2
W × D × H mm206×224×254206×224×254254×191×229432×191×305
Weight kg5.35.36.311.2
Order No.10 92 4252210 92 4253410 92 4254610 92 42581