PURA Water Baths, JULABO

PURA water baths

The new PURA water baths. Premium quality. Practical. Robust.
Users place high demands on modern water baths in terms of functionality and reliability. Above all, a water bath must be trouble-free and low-maintenance in everyday operations. For this reason, JULABO does not only count on proven functions in the new PURA series of water baths, but particularly also on simple, intuitive operation and high material and component quality. The result is functional and high-quality water baths that facilitate regular temperature applications in the laboratory and, thanks to their durable design, can with stand permanent loads without any problems.
In addition to their high quality, ease of use and easy-to-read display, PURA water baths offer a number of functions and features that enable efficient use in the laboratory. These include, among other things, an integrated timer and specially designed edge surfaces, which automatically drain condensed fluid back into the bath. Another unique feature is the included, removable platform. Sample containers, which are placed on the platform, are fully immersed and thus optimally tempered.
Operating the water bath is straightforward, and the bright, easy to read white LED display can easily be read – also from a distance.

Important advantages

  • Working temperature range1) from +18°C to +99.9°C
  • Models with bath volumes from 0.8 to 36 liters
  • Temperature stability2) of ±0.15°C
  • Heating capacity up to 2 kW
  • Bright display
  • Splash-proof protected mains switch
  • Built-in dry running protection
  • Specially designed edge surfaces, which drain condensed fluid back into the bath
  • Removable platform for full immersion of the sample containers (included in the delivery)

1)with counter-cooling/bath cover (accessories)
2)with bath cover (accessories)


Heating cap.
Bath opening/depth
Filling vol.
Poss. number of test tube racksW × H × Depth
Order No.
(1)PURA 40.812×27 / 140.8 – 4.5121×35×2210 35 90504
PURA 101.222×27 / 141.4 – 9.5231×35×2210 35 90510
(2)PURA 141.833×27 / 142 – 14342×35×2210 35 90514
PURA 22255×27 / 183.4 – 25.5564×35×2610 35 90522
PURA 30277×27 / 184.8 – 36786×35×2610 35 90530