WinLab® Excellent Line pH-mV Temperature Measuring Instruments, WINLAB®

Portable pH meter for laboratory and field use

Robust design in water-tight IP 67 casing. The Excellent Line measuring instrument is fit for connecting conventional pH electrodes and digital electrodes.

Technical features:

  • Connection of conventional or digital pH electrodes
  • Data transmission via USB interface or Bluetooth
  • Secure thanks to user code
  • Multi-colour display with clearly understandable, detailed information
  • Simultaneous indication of measured values, adjustable display brightness
  • Automatic calibration possible for DIN, NBS or other buffer solutions
  • 1-point / 2-point / 3-point calibration option
  • Calibration date with date / validity of calibration / zero-point information / steepness information and status information regarding the pH-electrode
  • Data logger with up to 5000 data sets with information on date / measurement site / user code / name, measured values pH / redox and/or temperature


Technical data:
Measuring range:-1.00 to 15.00 pH0.01 pH

±399.9 mV0.4 mV + 0.1%
Temperature:-5.0 to +105°C0.2°C
Display:LCD Type TFT/RGB 240 × 320 pixel / brightness adjustable
Calibration:1, 2, or 3 point calibration acc. DIN or NBS or other
buffer solutions, automatic buffer recognition
Calibration data:date / validity of the calibration / zero point information
±30 mV / electrode slope 85 to 105%,
electrode condition OK or ERROR
Data logger:The latest 250 measuring series will be displayed via "History View"
with information about the date, time, user and measuring location
(this 250 data records cannot be deleted)
Up to 5 users can store 1000 data records each (total 5000 data records)
max. 1000 data records / input start and finish-time /
measuring frequency, adjustable from 1 minute up to 24 h
after 5 minutes inactivity be switched off, after switching on
the mode is immediately the same before switched off
Settings:Date and time / pH elektrodes, analogue or digital
Automatic measurements / user code and location / autom. switch-off ON or OFF
Buzzer can be switched on and off
LCD Display adjustable (minimum/economic/normal/high)
Data output adjustable from USB to Bluetooth
Laguages adjustable
Power supply:4 × 1,5 V batteries type AA / Ni-MH Accus, 2500 mA h
or via USB interface
Outputs:USB and Bluetooth
Dimension (W×H×D):170 × 79 × 39 mm

ArticleOrder No.
(1)WinLab® excellent line, measuring device10 03 10001
WinLab® excellent line in PROFI BOX case10 03 10021
with pH/T 30 pH electrode (analogue), 3 buffers and 3mol KCL solution, case with electrode stand
(2)WINLAB desk box61 03 00065
for all portable WinLab Data Line measuring instruments in the laboratory, complete with electrode stand, KCL solution and storage aids for temperature sensors and electrodes.

ArticleOrder No.
(3)WinLab® pH/T30 combination electrode61 03 00030
With integrated temperature sensor and WinLab connector seal with 1 m cable and BNC plug
WinLab® standard combination electrode10 03 00029

with plastic body, refillable with 3 mol KCI-solution, with 1 m cable and BNC plug

WinLab® combination electrode10 03 00038
pH/temperature, glass electrode with integrated temperature sensor, refillable with 3 mol KCI-solution, with 1 m cable and BNC plug with WINLAB connector seal
WinLab® pH combination electrode10 03 00039
Glass electrode with S7 plug head, adapter cable is also required, refillable with 3 mol KCI-solution
WinLab® redox combination electrode10 03 00040
Glass electrode, refillable with electrolyt, with S7 plug head
(adapter cable Nr. 61 03 00041 is necessary)
WinLab® pH combination electrode10 03 00060
Glass electrode with S7 plug head, adapter cable is also required, refillable with 3 mol KCI-solution, with ground-joint diaphragm for ion-weak media (drinking and pure water)
WinLab® pH combination electrode10 03 00062
Glass electrode with S7 plug head, adapter cable is also required, gel filling for insertion measurements (e.g. meat, cheese or pasty materials), length 120 mm, diameter 6 mm in insertion area
WinLab® Digital pH electrode10 03 00095
with integrated transmitter for longer transmission distances (up to 100 meters), provides stable measuring signals, with identification code, records the calibration data
WinLab® adapter cable61 03 00041

From BNC to S7 screw-and-plug head electrodes, with WinLab connector seal

(4)WinLab® Pt-100 temperature probe with handle61 03 00034

160 mm long, 3 mm Ø, with WinLab connector seal