Electrode Accessories, WINLAB®

Electrode storage bottle

The proven solution to the problem of properly storing your pH electrodes. Fill the bottle with 3 moles of KCL solution and insert the electrode through the special seal, so that the electrode is well immersed in the KCL solution. This ensures that the electrode membrane is sealed in an airtight environment surrounded by the correct electrolyte.


Order No.
(1)Electrode storage bottle 250 ml61 03 80136

incl. screw cap, special seal, 250 ml 3 mol KCL solution

Spare KCl solution, 3 mol, 250 ml61 03 80150

Electrode Storage Rack

For the storage of pH electrodes. Being able to be brought in up to 5 pH laboratory electrodes into the glass vessels provided for it with special seal of PTFE/silicone in this rack. So pH electrodes are always stored correctly uprightly and in the suitable electrolyte.

ArticleOrder No.
(2)Electrode storage rack10 03 80200
Steel wire plastic-coated, 5 storage bottles with screw caps and PTFE/silicone seals, 250 ml 3 mol KCl-solution

(3) WinLab® buffer solutions with test certificate acc. to EN 10204-2.3
ArticlepH value at 20°CVolume
Order No.
Buffer solution4.00 50061 03 04044
Buffer solution4.00100061 03 04054
Buffer solution7.00 50061 03 07044
Buffer solution7.00100061 03 07054
Buffer solution9.00 50061 03 09044
Buffer solution9.00100061 03 09054
Buffer solution10.00 50061 03 10044
Buffer solution10.00100061 03 10054

(4) Technical buffer solutions

Coloured buffer solutions for simple and better recognition of the different pH-values. In practical work and storage bottle.
With this, you can calibrate directly in the integrated small vessel (s.Foto).

ArticlepH value at 25°CVolume
Order No.
Buffer solution4.01100010 03 14054
Buffer solution7.00100010 03 17054
Buffer solution10.00100010 03 19054

(5) Cleaning solutions for pH electrodes
ArticleOrder No.
For removing protein layers1), 250 ml61 03 98250
For removing protein layers1), 500 ml61 03 98500
Diaphragm cleaner 250 ml61 03 97250
Spare KCl solution, 3 mol, 250 ml61 03 80150

1) contains a pepsin/hydrochloric acid mixture