Buffer Solutions in the Bag, WINLAB®

For easy, safe and clean calibration of your pH electrodes.
Using these buffer solutions in the bag is the key to successful calibration because the bag will be opened only immediately before you start to calibrate so that the buffer solutions are always fresh and pure.
The respective pH and temperature reference values are printed on each bag. Each batch includes a test certificate. 2 bags of purified water are included in the delivery to allow for intermediate rinsing.

The cardboard stand ensures the safe stand of the bag during calibration.


Order No.
Buffer solutions in the bag10 03 04710
Kit of 20 bags of 25 ml each comprising:
6 × buffer solution pH 7.00
6 × buffer solution pH 4.01
6 × buffer solution pH 10
2 × purified water
1 × cardboard stand, and test certificate for the batch