Universal Shaker, WINLAB®

A truly universal laboratory shaker for different vessels such as Erlenmeyer, volumetric, or other flasks.
The universal clamping unit provides for safe fastening of different flask types.

The universal shaker is available with orbital or reciprocal motion.

Equipped with two LED displays for convenient setting and reading of shaking frequency and time.


Technical data:

Dimensions of the universal attachment:318 × 315 mm
Overall dimensions of the shaker:450 × 400 × 105 mm (L×B×H)
Motor type:DC motor, brushless
Maximum load:7 kg
Radius of movement:10 mm
Speed ​​of movement:30 to 500 rpm
Time setting:0 to 99 h and to 59 min
Protection class:IP 21
Voltage:240 V

ArticleOrder No.
WINLAB universal shaker10 03 03002