Gloves for Glove Boxes, WINLAB®

In three materials: latex, neoprene, butyl.
Work gloves fit most glove boxes, 750 mm total length, suitable for Glove-Box cuffs with a diameter of 186 mm. Thickness of gloves 6/10 mm.

general resistance1) against medium- and weak-concentrated acids, diluted leaches as well as some ketonic solvents

medium gas permeability, resistant against acids and leaches, oils, limited against aliphatic solvents

mostly gas-impermeable, resistant against ozone, acids and leaches as well as ketonic solvents

1)The areas of usage stated here are just for orientation! They are not absolutele reliable! Please ask your expert dealer for specific resistances.


SizeOrder No.MaterialSizeOrder No.
Latex836 43 11118Neoprene936 43 11129
Latex936 43 11119Butyl836 43 11138
Neoprene836 43 11128Butyl936 43 11139