Thermometers, Testo / IDL

testo 925 thermometer

The one channel temperature measuring instrument for connection to reliable, fast-action thermocouple probes.
An additional temperature probe can be displayed in testo 925; data is transmitted by radio, i.e. wirelessly.
An audible alarm sounds if limit values are exceeded. Current measurement data such as max/min data can be printed on site on the Testo printer

  • 1 channel measuring instrument with optional radio probe.
  • Wide range of probes
  • Continuous display of max/min values
  • Hold button to freeze reading
  • TopSafe, indestructible case, protects from dirt and impact (optional)
  • Display light


Technical data:
Probe type:type K (NiCr-Ni)
Meas. range:-50 to +1000°C
Accuracy:±(0.5°C +0.3% v.Mw.) (-40 to +900°C)
±(0.7°C +0.5% v.Mw.) (remaining range)
Resolution:0.1°C (-50 to +199.9°C)
1°C (remaining range)
Dimensions:182 × 64 × 40 mm
Weight:171 g
Battery type:alkaline-manganese
Battery life:200 h (connected probe, light off)
45 h (radio mode, light off)
68 h (connected probe, light always on)
33 h (radio mode, light always on)
Operating temperature:-20 to +50°C
Storage temperature:-40 to +70°C
Warranty:2 years


Order No.
(1)testo 925 instrument68 09 09250

single-Kanal TE thermometer type K, acoustic alarm, connection of one optional radio probe, incl. battery and calibration protocol

Measuring instument probes
ArticleOrder No.
(2)Surface probe68 09 20393
Fast-action, with sprung thermocouple strip, also for uneven surfaces, measurement range short-term to +500°C, TC type K, fixed cable
Measuring range:-60 to +300°C
Accuracy:Class 2
t99:3 sec
Precise and fast immersion probe, water-proof, TE type K68 09 20593
(3)Thermocouple with TE connector, flexible, length 800 mm, glass silk, TE type K68 09 20644
Thermocouple with TE connector, flexible, length 1500 mm, glass silk, TE type K68 09 20645
Thermocouple with TE connector, flexible, length 1500 mm, teflon, TE type K68 09 20646
(4)Water-proof immersion/insertion probe, TE type K68 09 21293
(5)Robust air probe, TE type K68 09 21793
(6)Waterproof food probe made of stainless steel (IP65), TE type K68 09 22292
(7)Fast, water-proof immersion/insertion probe, TE type K68 09 22693
(8)Pipe wrap probe with exchangeable measuring head, TE type K68 09 24592
for tube diameter 5 – 65 mm, measuring range up to +280°C (short-term)
(9)Magnetic probe for higher temperatures on metallic surfaces, TE type K68 09 24892

adhesive force approx. 10 N with magnets

(10)Immersion tip, flexible, TE Typ K68 09 25792

ArticleOrder No.
Radio module for measuring instrument, 869.85 MHz68 09 40188
Approval for the countries DE, FR, UK, BE, NL, ES, IT, SE, AT, DK, FI, HU, CZ, PL, GR, CH, PT, SI, MT, CY, SK, LU, EE, LT, IE, LV, NO
(11)Radio handle for plug-on probe heads, incl. TE adapter68 09 40189
Approval for the countries DE, FR, UK, BE, NL, ES, IT, SE, AT, DK, FI, HU, CZ, PL, GR, CH, PT, SI, MT, CY, SK, LU, EE, LT, IE, LV, NO
TE probe head for air/immersion/insertion measurements (TE Typ K)68 09 20293

can be plugged on the radio handle

TE probe head for surface measurement (TE Typ K)68 09 20394

attachable to radio handle

ArticleOrder No.Price
Stand-by case for measuring instrument and probe68 09 60182
9 V rechargeable battery for testo measuring instruments68 09 50025
Testo protocol printer68 09 40547

with wireless IRDA and infrared interface, 1 roll of thermal paper and 4 round cell batteries

Spare thermal paper for printer (6 rolls)68 09 40568

measurement data documentation with reading life of up to 10 years

Transport case for measuring instrument, 3 probes and accessories68 09 60200
TopSafe, protects against impact and dirt10 09 46221
Extension lead 5 m, for thermoelement probe type K68 09 40592

Thermo-hygrometer testo 608

The hygrometer testo 608-H1 is designed for continuous measurement of humidity, temperature, and dew point. The large display is highly readable also from a larger distance. With hanger and stand for flexible use as table-top or wall unit. The testo 608 has a max. and min. indication and a battery status indicator. Thanks to the long-term stability of the sensor, you will reliably get correct measuring results, even after several years.
As a precise alarm hygrometer, the testo 608-H2 reliably raises alarm if the humidity and temperature values are exceeded, for example in plant nurseries, storage rooms, cleanrooms, museums, laboratories etc.


Technical data:
Measuring rate:18 sec.
Storage temperature:-40 to +70°C
Battery type:9V block battery
Battery life:approx. 1 year
Weight:168 g
Dimensions:111 × 90 × 40 mm
Display:LCD 2 lines
Warranty:2 years


Technical data:testo 608-H1testo 608-H2
sensor types:NTCTesto humidity sensor
NTCTesto humidity sensor
Measuring range:0 to +50°C
-20 to +50°Ctd
+10 to +95%rH-10 to +70°C
-40 to +70°Ctd
+2 to +98%rH
Accuracy ±1 Digit:± 0.5°C (at +25°C)± 3%rH (+10 to +95%rH)± 0.5°C (at +25°C)± 2%rH (+2 to +98%rH)
Operating temperature:0 to +50°C

-10 to +70°C

ArticleOrder No.
Thermo-hygrometer testo 608-H110 09 46081
Humidity-/dew point-/temperature measurement, incl. battery
(12)Thermo-hygrometer testo 608-H210 09 46082
Humidity-/dew point-/temperature measurement with LED alarm, incl. calibration protocol and battery
ISO-calibration certificate humidity10 09 46076
Calibration points 11.3%rH and 75.3%rH at +25°C/+77°F; each channel/unit

Penetration thermometer with large measuring range testo 905-T1

The penetration thermometer testo 905-T1 is intended for reliably measuring the temperature in liquid, soft or powdered substances as well as the air temperature. The thermometer excels by its large measuring range and short reaction time. These benefits are attributable to the premium quality of it thermal element sensor of K type.


Technical data:
Measuring range:from -50 to +350°C (temporarily up to +500°C)
Precision:±1°C (-50 to +99°C)
±1% v. Mw. (remaining range)
Response time:t99 = 10 s (in water)

ArticleOrder No.
(13)Penetration thermometer with large measuring range testo 905-T110 09 49055

Calibration possible on request.