Goggles according to DIN EN 166 + 170, WINLAB®

Goggles according to DIN EN 166 + 170

Extremely lightweight, comfortable safety goggles designed to be worn over prescription glasses.
Scratch-proof polycarbonate shield with large integrated side protection. The area above the eyes is covered as well for additional protection. With soft bridge. Length and inclination of the soft temples are easy to adjust.


Order No.
(1)Goggles for spectacle wearers, soft sides10 03 53502

Goggles universal type safe + soft

Overspecs with excellent safety features and high wearing comfort thanks to:

  • Rubber padding which safely covers the entire eye area
  • Length and angle of the arms can be adjusted
  • Soft padding protects from side impacts
  • Can be worn over almost all kinds of prescription glasses
  • Scratch-proof polycarbonate lenses
ArticleOrder No.
(2)Goggles universal type safe + soft10 03 90901