Magnetic Stirrer with Square Heating Plate, Type 2005 LED, IDL

Magnetic stirrer with square heating plate, type 2005 LED

Magnetic stirrer with modern control panel casing and large heating plate

  • With LED displays for target value and actual value indication of temperature and speed; height of each LED indication 13 mm
  • Casing made of aluminium casting
  • The integrated PID regulation programme in connection with the Pt1000 sensor provides for optimum temperature control accuracy and stirring speed
  • With large setting buttons for heater and stirrer
  • Thanks to the design of the heating plate, penetration of liquids into the interior of the magnetic stirrer is mostly prevented in case of overcooking or toppling
  • Stainless steel heating plate with ceramic coating for high temperatures of up to 550 °C, with excellent mechanical strength
  • With double overtemperature protection: via the device software, and via the temperature sensor
  • The soft motor start-up (even if higher speeds are preselected) prevents the magnetic stirring staff from jumping out
  • Warning light lights up from 50 °C surface temperature
  • With digital timer, adjustable from 0 to 99 h 59 min

Scope of delivery
Delivery COMPLETE with magnetic stirring staff and temperature sensor Pt1000. Comes without tripod parts.


Technical data:

Dimensions heating plate:

185 × 185 mm

Material heating plate:

stainless steel, ceramic coated

Heating power:

1000 W

Temperature deviation:

up to 100°C ±1°C, >100°C 1%

Max. stirring volume:

20 litres

Speed range adjustable:

from 50 to 1500 rpm

Heating temperature range:

from ambient temperature to 310°C

Warning LED indicator:

when surface is getting warmer than 50°C

Dimensions (W×D×H):

220 × 350 × 100 mm


200 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Protection class:

IP 42


Order No.


Magnetic stirrer with heating plate, type 2005 LED

10 00 02005



Order No.


Frame rod

10 00 02010

with socket and clamp for mounting the temperature sensor