Plastic-Coatet, Vacuum and Pressure Resistant Bottles, IDL

Laboratory bottles pursuant to DIN ISO 1595, for work at a pressure range of -1 to +1.5 bar, thread GL 45, without cap, with Retrace Code.

Neutral glass / glass type / pursuant to USP/EP. Marked with TÜV/GS sign.

In this bottle, the significant features of borosilicate laboratory glass are combined with vacuum pressure resistance and plastic coating.

"Protect save" bottles have a PE plastic coat.

Benefit from the advantages of glass inside the bottle with those of plastic on the outer shell for impact, shatter, and leak protection.

Polyethylene (PE) is physiologically harmless. Almost free of smell and tasteless, it is ideal for use in the food industry and in drinking water purification.

Resistant to many acids, alkali, saline solutions – also concentrated ones – and to water.
Good corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. PE is impact and shock resistant.
Can be used at temperatures of max. 60 degrees Celsius (not autoclavable).


Thread GLOuter Ø
Order No.
25045 7013810 00 18001
50045 8617610 00 18002
10004510122510 00 18003