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Medication Refrigerators with Comfort Electronics, LIEBHERR

The medication refrigerators pursuant to DIN 58345 offer a wide range of functions: Medication refrigerators with Comfort Electronics have a floating contact for alarm forwarding to an external remote alarm system; optical and acoustic temperature alarm give out warnings if the set temperature deviation limits of 2 and 8°C have been exceeded. The gapless plastic interior container is easy to clean. The units are in compliance with DIN 58345 for storing medication at 5ºC.


Gross volume
Outer dimensions W × D × H
Order No.
MKUv 1610141600×615×82027310 45 61614
MKUv 16131)141600×615×82036910 45 61615
MKv 3910360600×615×184030910 45 63914
MKv 39131)360600×615×184048010 45 63915

1) with glass door and switchable LED lighting

Accessories availabe on request: Drawer AluCool, height 70 mm, carrying capacity 50 kg, perforated, with compartments, 3 sectors, with 12 universal dividers