Multi-Parameter Portable Meters MultiLine®, WTW®

MultiLine® IDS – wireless ready: Multi 3620 IDS and Multi 3630 IDS
The new wireless ready MultiLine® IDS handheld devices for intelligent digital IDS sensors are state-of-the-art systems for mobile multi-parameter measurement. They stand out among their competitors by the fact that the signal processing is completely located in the sensor. The sensor independently logs on with the unit and transmits clearly identifiable data and the current calibration. This prevents data mix-up. The digital signal transmission allows for long cables for all parameters. The unique QSC function for IDS pH sensors makes it possible to evaluate the current sensor status. CMC function for checking the optimum pH measuring range. Large portfolio of IDS-pH, conductivity, oxygen and turbidity sensors for almost all types of applications. Watertight, universal Quick-Lock connectors at the unit protect the sensors from loss.
The sturdy, watertight (IP 67) MultiLine® handheld instruments have a high-resolution graphic color display for optimum operation and information. With special silicone membrane keypad for excellent operation comfort, and USB interface for data transfer to USB memory sticks or printers. Economical operation thanks to NIMH rechargeable batteries. When IDS plug head sensors and IDS remote modules are used, wireless measuring of up to three parameters is possible, depending on the number of channels. Available as portable set complete with sensors and accessories for operation in the field.

Multi 3620: Two measurement channels for simultaneous parallel measurement with two similar or different sensors and parameters.

Multi 3630: Three measurement channels for simultaneous parallel measurement with up to three similar or different sensors and parameters. Also appropriate for MPP IDS depth probes.

Specifications MultiLine® IDS multi-parameter instruments



TFT colour graphics

Measuring range:

depending on the respective IDS sensor

Data storage:

manually or automatical logger, 10,000 records (measuring values, temperature, date, time, ID)


USB-A (Stick, selected printer), Mini USB (PC)

Power supply:

Power supply with charging function or 4 × 1.2 V NiMH batteries


Order No.



Multi 3620 IDS SET C

10 81 23620

including SenTix® 940, TetraCon®

Multi 3620 IDS SET G

10 81 23621

including SenTix® 940-3, FDO® 925-3, TetraCon® 925-3


Multi 3630 IDS SET F

10 81 23622

including SenTix® 940, FDO® 925, TetraCon® 925

Matching IDS sensors see page XXX.