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Laboratory Refrigerators with Comfort Electronics, LIEBHERR

Laboratory refrigerators with comfort electronics

All units have a self-closing door with integrated lock, integrated data memory with min./max. temperatures, floating contact, RS485 interface, feedthrough for external temperature sensor and a safety temperature limiter (in fridges, prevents temperatures below +2°C in case of failure), acoustic and optical temperature and door opening alarms. The program portfolio comprises 2 free-standing and 2 under-worktop laboratory fridges, each with insulation and glass door, temperature range adjustable from 3 to 16°C. The dynamic cooling system ensures high temperature constancy and an even temperature distribution. The product range is complemented by the laboratory fridge and freezer combination LCv4010 which features 2 separately controllable cooling circuits.


Gross volume
Temperature range
Outer dimensions W × D × H
Order No.
LKUv 1610141+3 – +16600×615×82019010 45 61610
LKUv 16131)141+3 – +16600×615×82019010 45 61613
LKv 3910360+3 – +16600×615×184028010 45 63910
LKv 39131)360+3 – +16600×615×184028010 45 63913
LCv 4010254-9 – -30, +3 – +16600×615×200028010 45 64010

1) with glass door and switchable LED lighting