Multi-Parameter Portable Meter MultiLine® Multi 3510 IDS, WTW®

Multi-parameter portable meter Multi 3510 IDS

Using intelligent digital sensors, the new Multi 3510 IDS is a perfect entry-level meter for state-of-the-art measurement of the standard parameters pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. It has one universal measuring channel for all parameters. The robust, water-tight design makes it a perfect instrument for all portable applications. With comfortable menu control via a backlit graphic display, it makes working easy also in adverse lighting conditions. Using the keyboard with gloves is no problem. Furthermore, the meter is ready for the application with IDS remote modules.

  • Automatic log-in of the sensor at the meter for non-interchangeable transmission of characteristics and the current calibration
  • Confusion-proof thanks to digital signal transmission; long cables possible for all parameters
  • With QSC function for IDS pH sensors to allow for assessment of the current sensor status
  • Optimum monitoring of the pH measuring range thanks to CMC function
  • Ready for remote application for wireless measuring
  • Available as field case sets with sensors and accessories


Technical data:


LCD graphic, backlit

Measuring channnels:

1 (universal) for IDS pH-electrodes, conductivity cells, optical D.O. sensor FDO® 925, turbidity sensor VisoTurb 900-P


manual 200/4500 automatic




Mini USB-B

Power supply:

4 × 1,5 V AA (supplied) or 4 × 1,2 V NiMH-Akku, via USB

Protection class:

IP 67


Order No.


Multi 3510

10 81 22350

Single meter in a case including accessories

Multi 3510 SET 1

10 81 22351

SenTix® 940

Multi 3510 SET 3

10 81 22353

TetraCon® 925

Multi 3510 SET 4

10 81 22354

FDO® 925-1.5

Multi 3510 SET KS1

10 81 22355

Set including accessories and armor SM Pro

IDS-WLM – Wireless modules for IDS sensors

Wireless measurement of pH, redox, conductivity and turbidity with IDS plug head sensors and remote modules.
Plug the remote module on the IDS plug head sensor, actuate the remote connection at the device – and you're ready to go! Change the sensor whenever you like, or use a specific module for every sensor. No cable, no hassle, full freedom of movement in areas where cable or meter are inconvenient, even under fume cupboards or safety workbenches.
Depending on the number of channels available, the module at the IDS instrument can process one, two, or three parameters simultaneously. The following instruments are wireless-ready: the new MultiLine 3510 IDS, 3620 IDS, 3630 IDS and the inoLab® Multi 9310 IDS, 9620 IDS and 9630 IDS.


Technical data:

Radio transmission:

Bluetooth LE


approx. 10 m

Power supply:

Re-chargeable LiPo Akku 230mAh

Continuous operating times:

IDS pH electrodes: 60 h
IDS ORP electrodes: 60 h
IDS Conductivity cells: 30 h (conductivity up to 1S)
IDS FDO sensor: 9 h
IDS Turbidity sensor: 5 h



Protection class:


Usable sensores:

All WTW® IDS-sensors with plug head


Order No.


IDS WLM-S wireless module

10 81 28141

for plug head sensor

IDS WLM-S wireless module

10 81 28142

for IDS meter

WLM-Charger USB charger

10 81 28143

for wireless modules


10 81 28144

Kit consisting of wireless module for sensor and meter (one of each), USB charger and universal USB power supply