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Fume Cupboards, CARLO ERBA Reagents

Recirculated-air fume cupboards with state-of-the-art molecular filtration technology

The ChemFAST Elite fume cupboard is in compliance with standard EN ISO 14175-3 and offers maximum protection from hazardous gases, vapours, aerosols etc. A blower system with a matching filter extracts the particles from the air, reliably protecting the operator from any hazardous substances.

ChemFAST Elite:
The fume cupboard can either be connected to the exhaust air system or run in recirculation mode.

  • Lowest energy consumption <57 dB(A) at 0.9m
  • Operating hours indication
  • Filter saturation indication
  • Selection of 9 different filters, also available in combinations of two
  • Fold-up front pane for optimum cleaning
  • Side windows made of laminated safety glass
  • Chemical-resistant worktop
  • Selection of chemicals filters for different applications
  • Multi-function display with PLC control
  • Non-dazzle LED work lights
  • Workspace can be removed for easy cleaning

Possible filter types:

  • HEPA filter (e.g. powder, particle)
  • A/C filter (e.g. solvent)
  • ACR filter (e.g. radioactivity)
  • FORM filter (e.g. formaldehyde)
  • SULF filter (e.g. acids, sulphides RH >85%)
  • UR filter (e.g. acids, sulphide RH <85%)
  • CYAN filter (e.g. hydrocyanic acid)
  • MER filter (e.g. mercury)
  • AM filter (e.g. ammonia)


Outer dimensions W × H × D
Working range
W × H × D
Order No.
0.6595×1120×760553×660×60010 35 30183
0.9885×1120×760823×660×60010 35 30184
1.21185×1120×7601185×660×60010 35 30185
1.51500×1120×7601438×660×60010 35 30186
1.81800×1120×7601738×660×60010 35 30187

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