Flow-Through Units, AQUABOX, Behr

The flow-through AQUABOX enables the determination of on-site parameters (temp., pH, conductivity, O2) under conditions of homogeneous representative sampling of groundwater and waster water. The unit permits the simultaneous determination of electrical, chemical and physical parameters under optimal and reproducible flow conditions.
The AQUABOX is constructed of transparent shock-resistant PETG, a thermoplastic copolyester. Transparency enables visual identification of problems at all times during operation (e.g. sand or sediment contamination). All components which come in contact with water are constructed either of PETG (lid and flow chamber) or PP (in-flow and out-flow pipes), without use of adhesives. Therefore the water being sampled is not affected by any release of contaminants from the materials constituting the AQUABOX. The lid of the AQUABOX shields against spray/splashes and is easily opened and closed by means of quick-release fasteners. The lid has six variable-diameter splash-resistant ports for inserting sensors/electrodes of up to 25 mm diameter. Ports of larger diameter are available on special order.

  • Inside the inner container, the water spirals upward around the circularly positioned measurement sensors and exits via a splash-protective outer annular housing.
  • The water flow rate can be controlled by a valve.
  • Withdrawal of water for sample collection is performed by opening a bypass valve installed in the water inflow line.
  • Dismantling for cleaning is performed easily and quickly by hand with the central threaded fastener.


  • For laboratory and on-site use
  • For permanent installation or transportable use


Order No.
Flow-through unit AQUABOX80 48 65056