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BRAND Promotion: Transferpette® S Starter-kits and Value packs

Promotion: Perfect pipetting and save - FINAL SPURT!
For only 4 more weeks we still offer our popular starter kits with three pipettes, tip boxes and rack holders at a 40% savings. Or choose one of our attractive special offer packages with five pipettes, three or four tip boxes and a table stand

Experience for yourself the quality of our Transferpette® S microliter pipette:

Package Promotional Liste price Promotional price see more details
Starter-kit micro 7047 90 667,- 400,20 go to product
Starter-kit midi 7047 91 630,- 378,00 go to product
Starter-kit macro 7047 92 667,- 400,20 go to product
Starter-Kit standard 7047 93 646,- 387,60 go to product
Promotional pack 1 7048 50 - 654,00 go to product
Promotional pack 2 7048 51 - 654,00 go to product