Lista de artículos del fabricante: Büchi
Número de artículo Descripción
000421 Receiving flask S35 50ml
000422 Receiving flask S35 100ml
000423 Receiving flask S35 250ml
000424 Receiving flask S35 500ml
000425 Receiving flask S35 1000ml
000426 Receiving flask S35 2000ml
000427 Receiving flask S35 3000ml
001124 Receiving flask 10L
003311 Rod D12x100mm
003312 Rod D12x120mm
003907 Rubber bung
011705 Reduction Part for extr.
011858 Ring nut
011904 Rod D12x750mm
013477 Rocker switch 1x2p GN 220V
013478 Rocker switch 1x2p GN 110V
015543 Receiving vessel
016890 Rubber bung TG
017971 Ring Nut to column 70
017972 Ring Nut to column 49.0
017973 Ring Nut to column 35.5
017974 Ring Nut to column 26.4
017985 Reducing nipple D24x24
020728 Receiving flask 1000ml P+G
022946 Ring nut d100
022952 Reducing nipple
025264 Receiving flask 500ml P+G
025265 Receiving flask 2000ml P+G
025266 Receiving flask 3000ml P+G
026090 Reduction Adapter 10/6
026216 Retaining bend for steam gen.
026240 Rotation prevention
026250 Retaining plate
026730 Rack
026924 Reflector
026927 Retaining Cams
027624 Receiving flask 10L P+G
027628 Receiving flask 10L P+G
027869 Rubber bearing 09C-Mn60
028146 Ring Nut to column 15
028600 Ring nut M75x2
028671 Receiving flask 20L
030120 Relays 240V/25A
031446 Relays 240V/25A
031462 Rocker switch 1x2p GN 230V
031464 Rocker switch 1x2p GN 125V
032013 Rubber band
036247 Rubber buffer
036480 Rot. drying tube 30 ml
036848 Reworking screw cap
036874 Rope
036919 Receiv flask &valve 1000ml P+G
037143 Rotation drying flask 30ml
037271 Restrictor valve cpl.
037381 Rubber socket B-411/E-416
037392 Resistor 10:1
037569 Receiving flask 10L P+G
037797 Reaction vessel
038109 Rack TG
038188 Rack R-24 round bot. tubes cpl
038277 Rack R-96 cpl.
038339 Rubber bearing
038372 Reflux plate R-24 upper
038375 Repair set R-24
038440 Rack R-24 Falcon tubes cpl
038534 Reflector sheet metal
038559 Retainer plate
040193 Rubber plug 1.1x5.0x25 50pcs.
040774 Receiving flask 500ml P+G LT
040775 Receiving flask 1L P+G LT
040776 Receiving flask 2000ml P+G LT
040777 Receiving flask 3000ml P+G LT
040788 Repeating OQ B-545
040849 Restrictor valve
040900 Rack R-12 cpl.
041030 Roller
041110 Retaining plate
041217 Restrictor valve cpl.
041218 Reducing nipple 2521-1/8"-1/
041297 Raschig rings
041329 Roller large
041426 Rod for V-800/V-850
041446 Receiving flask 20L P+G
041448 Reducing piece 3/4" 1/2"
041767 Receiving flask 10L conti
041901 Reflux module R-24
042660 Rack R-24 ASE/PSE vials cpl.
042818 Roller cpl.
042847 Reflux-Modul R-48
042855 Rack R-48 cpl.
043377 Receiving valve cpl.
043565 Reduction piece PP
043929 Round brush D49
043956 Rack condenser
043970 Rack 12 cpl.
044495 Rubber gukos for H2O2-suction
044564 Restrictor one way
044702 Remote Control Panel B-290
045200 Rack FC12 glass D16
045201 Rack FC12 glass D25
046000 Rack R-12 rest volume cpl.
046095 Reflux module R-96
046367 Receiving glass small
046448 Restrictor valve
046460 Restrictor valve GRPO-160-PK-4
046482 Roller bath lift
046519 Receiving flask 10L
046790 Relays B-741
046959 Rotary knob cover
047124 Reedsensor ready-made
047230 Remote control RC-81
047233 Receiving flask 125ml P+G
047277 Retaining spring
047376 Retaining plate 2 valves
047770 Rack crystal R-6
047777 Rack crystal R-6
047790 Rack crystal R-4
047794 Rack crystal R-4
048080 Reflux part cpl.
048368 Rotary knob with nose
048369 Rotary knob w/o nose
048370 Raster plate
048372 Rotation motor
048663 Receiving glass 4L
048861 Rotary knob P-6/P-12 cpl.
049688 Retaining plate P-12
051243 Rotation valve 3-port
051848 Ring
053214 Rotation valve 18-port
053698 Receiving Rack E-916
054227 Rod holder cpl.
054237 Rod D12x650mm
11055017 Rotary knob replacement
11055161 Repeating OQ Industr.evap. de
11055162 Repeating OQ Industr.evap. en
11055248 Rack 6x300ml cpl.
11055327 Rack 5x500 ml cpl.
11055440 Rack 6x250ml TG cpl.
11055489 Repeating OQ K-350 en
11055490 Repeating OQ K-350 de
11055491 Repeating OQ K-355 en
11055492 Repeating OQ K-355 de
11055493 Repeating OQ K-360 en
11055494 Repeating OQ K-360 de
11055686 Reduction piece 9-12/6-8
11055728 Repeating OQ K-370 en
11055729 Repeating OQ K-370/371 en
11055778 Reedsensor
11055829 Relief valve cpl.
11055967 Restrictor valve cpl.
11056016 Rubber plug 18x24x30
11056093 Repeating OQ SpeedExtractor
11056136 Rotor 3-Port
11056137 Rotor 18-Port
11056253 Repeating OQ for K-439 en
11056966 Rack 5x500ml with saucer
11057002 Repeating OQ K-370 back titrat
11057041 Rotation drive. cpl.
11057054 Reduction plate Analyst E-916
11057093 Repeating OQ K-437 en
11057094 Repeating OQ K-432/K-438 eng
11057107 Rocker switch lit 2p
11057169 Rubber bearing 43 Shore
11057174 Repeating OQ R-220SE en
11057175 Repeating OQ R-220SE ge
11057209 Repeating OQ K-439 ge
11057368 Roller small
11057369 Roller 22475 large
11057370 Roller 2970 double wheel
11057711 Rack Express
11057879 Reaktor kpl. GMP
11057890 Reactor cpl.
11058211 Retrofit. set Analyst R-6-Vial
11058216 Repeating OQ Multivapor en
11058226 Reflux Base Rack cpl.
11058253 Repeating OQ Syncore en
11058332 Receiving rack E-914
11058339 Reduction plate Analyst E-914
11058344 Receiving rack E-914 R-6
11058528 Receiving Rack E-914 R-6
11058569 Repeating OQ K-415 en
11058679 Rep.OQ Set K-375 en
11058680 Repeating OQ K-375/376/377 en
11059157 Rotary knob grey/green
11059831 Rack 20 cpl
11059850 Rocker Switch
11060120 Reagent kit
11060162 Reduction sleeve Ø 28 mm
11060163 Reduction sleeve Ø 29 mm
11060907 Receiving flask S35 250ml P+G
11060993 Rotary Handle Electric
11060994 Rotary Handle Mechanical
11061256 Rack for 18 x 180 tubes
11061257 Rack for 13 x 100 tubes
11061258 Rack for 16 x 150 tubes
11061259 Rack for 21 x 150 tubes
11061260 Rack for 25 x 150 tubes
11061261 Rack for 28 x 150 tubes
11061262 Rack for 30 x 200 mm tubes
11061399 Rec. vessel refrig. cpl. 3L
11061401 Replacement turning knob
11061765 Regainer
11061767 Reductor
11061772 R-100 w/o glass w/o bath
11063908 Repeating OQ B-440 en
11064725 Regelventil L-200 kpl.
11065065 Reworking Retainer fastener
11065102 Rack for 4 shelves HT cpl.
11065103 Rack for 6 shelves HT cpl.
11066672 Rack type 1 cpl
11066673 Rack type 2 cpl
11066674 Rack type 3 cpl
11066675 Rack type 4 cpl
11066676 Rack type 5 cpl
11066677 Rack type 6 cpl
11067824 Rack sheet w. flat springs
11067985 Rotary plate cpl.
11068263 Receiving vessel, Optrode
11069242 Rack type 9 cpl
11069407 Rack type 8 cpl
11069534 Removal pliers Ø31 E-916XL
11069547 Rack cpl. vessel 60ml E-916XL
11100C101 R-100 29/32 C 230V
11100C111 R-100 29/32 C P+G 230V
11100C202 R-100 24/40 C 110V
11100C211 R-100 24/40 C P+G 230V
11100N001 R-100 w/o glass 230V
11100V101 R-100 29/32 V 230V
11100V111 R-100 29/32 V P+G 230V
11100V112 R-100 29/32 V P+G 110V
11100V201 R-100 24/40 V 230V
11595476 Rotavapor® R-300 Poster 1pc
118714B211 R-220Pro 230V 10L R
118714B212 R-220Pro 230V 10L RW
118714B221 R-220Pro 230V 10L RB
118714B222 R-220Pro 230V 10L RBW
118714B231 R-220Pro 230V 10L C
118714B232 R-220Pro 230V 10L CW
118714B241 R-220Pro 230V 10L D
118714B242 R-220Pro 230V 10L DW
118714B251 R-220Pro 230V 10L DB
118714B252 R-220Pro 230V 10L DBW
118714B261 R-220Pro 230V 10L D2
118714B262 R-220Pro 230V 10L D2W
118714B271 R-220Pro 230V 10L DB2
118714B272 R-220Pro 230V 10L DB2W
118714C211 R-220Pro 230V 20L R
118714C212 R-220Pro 230V 20L RW
118714C221 R-220Pro 230V 20L RB
118714C222 R-220Pro 230V 20L RBW
118714C231 R-220Pro 230V 20L C
118714C232 R-220Pro 230V 20L CW
118714C241 R-220Pro 230V 20L D
118714C242 R-220Pro 230V 20L DW
118714C251 R-220Pro 230V 20L DB
118714C252 R-220Pro 230V 20L DBW
118714C261 R-220Pro 230V 20L D2
118714C262 R-220Pro 230V 20L D2W
118714C271 R-220Pro 230V 20L DB2
118714C272 R-220Pro 230V 20L DB2W
118714C291 R-220Pro 230V Cont 20L
118714X000 R-220Pro upgrade for R220 230V
118714X211 R-220Pro 230V o.K. R
118714X212 R-220Pro 230V o.K. RW
118714X221 R-220Pro 230V o.K. RB
118714X222 R-220Pro 230V o.K. RBW
118714X231 R-220Pro 230V o.K. C
118714X232 R-220Pro 230V o.K. CW
118714X241 R-220Pro 230V o.K. D
118714X242 R-220Pro 230V o.K. DW
118714X251 R-220Pro 230V o.K. DB
118714X252 R-220Pro 230V o.K. DBW
118714X261 R-220Pro 230V o.K. D2
118714X262 R-220Pro 230V o.K. D2W
118714X271 R-220Pro 230V o.K. DB2
118714X272 R-220Pro 230V o.K. DB2W
118714X531 R-220Pro upgrade f R153 D 230V
118716C201 R-220Pro 230V Essential 20L V
118724B211 R-220Pro 200V 10L R
118724B212 R-220Pro 200V 10L RW
118724B221 R-220Pro 200V 10L RB
118724B222 R-220Pro 200V 10L RBW
118724B231 R-220Pro 200V 10L C
118724B232 R-220Pro 200V 10L CW
118724B241 R-220Pro 200V 10L D
118724B242 R-220Pro 200V 10L DW
118724B251 R-220Pro 200V 10L DB
118724B252 R-220Pro 200V 10L DBW
118724B261 R-220Pro 200V 10L D2
118724B262 R-220Pro 200V 10L D2W
118724B271 R-220Pro 200V 10L DB2
118724B272 R-220Pro 200V 10L DB2W
118724C211 R-220Pro 200V 20L R
118724C212 R-220Pro 200V 20L RW
118724C221 R-220Pro 200V 20L RB
118724C222 R-220Pro 200V 20L RBW
118724C231 R-220Pro 200V 20L C
118724C232 R-220Pro 200V 20L CW
118724C241 R-220Pro 200V 20L D
118724C242 R-220Pro 200V 20L DW
118724C251 R-220Pro 200V 20L DB
118724C252 R-220Pro 200V 20L DBW
118724C261 R-220Pro 200V 20L D2
118724C262 R-220Pro 200V 20L D2W
118724C271 R-220Pro 200V 20L DB2
118724C272 R-220Pro 200V 20L DB2W
118724C291 R-220Pro 200V Cont 20L
118724X211 R-220Pro 200V o.K. R
118724X212 R-220Pro 200V o.K. RW
118724X221 R-220Pro 200V o.K. RB
118724X222 R-220Pro 200V o.K. RBW
118724X231 R-220Pro 200V o.K. C
118724X232 R-220Pro 200V o.K. CW
118724X241 R-220Pro 200V o.K. D
118724X242 R-220Pro 200V o.K. DW
118724X251 R-220Pro 200V o.K. DB
118724X252 R-220Pro 200V o.K. DBW
118724X261 R-220Pro 200V o.K. D2
118724X262 R-220Pro 200V o.K. D2W
118724X271 R-220Pro 200V o.K. DB2
118724X272 R-220Pro 200V o.K. DB2W
118726C201 R-220Pro 200V Essential 20L V
118764B211 R-220Pro 400V 10L R
118764B212 R-220Pro 400V 10L RW
118764B221 R-220Pro 400V 10L RB
118764B222 R-220Pro 400V 10L RBW
118764B231 R-220Pro 400V 10L C
118764B232 R-220Pro 400V 10L CW
118764B241 R-220Pro 400V 10L D
118764B242 R-220Pro 400V 10L DW
118764B251 R-220Pro 400V 10L DB
118764B252 R-220Pro 400V 10L DBW
118764B261 R-220Pro 400V 10L D2
118764B262 R-220Pro 400V 10L D2W
118764B271 R-220Pro 400V 10L DB2
118764B272 R-220Pro 400V 10L DB2W
118764C211 R-220Pro 400V 20L R
118764C212 R-220Pro 400V 20L RW
118764C221 R-220Pro 400V 20L RB
118764C222 R-220Pro 400V 20L RBW
118764C231 R-220Pro 400V 20L C
118764C232 R-220Pro 400V 20L CW
118764C241 R-220Pro 400V 20L D
118764C242 R-220Pro 400V 20L DW
118764C251 R-220Pro 400V 20L DB
118764C252 R-220Pro 400V 20L DBW
118764C261 R-220Pro 400V 20L D2
118764C262 R-220Pro 400V 20L D2W
118764C271 R-220Pro 400V 20L DB2
118764C272 R-220Pro 400V 20L DB2W
118764C291 R-220Pro 400V Cont 20L
118764X000 R-220Pro upgrade for R220 400V
118764X211 R-220Pro 400V o.K. R
118764X212 R-220Pro 400V o.K. RW
118764X221 R-220Pro 400V o.K. RB
118764X222 R-220Pro 400V o.K. RBW
118764X231 R-220Pro 400V o.K. C
118764X232 R-220Pro 400V o.K. CW
118764X241 R-220Pro 400V o.K. D
118764X242 R-220Pro 400V o.K. DW
118764X251 R-220Pro 400V o.K. DB
118764X252 R-220Pro 400V o.K. DBW
118764X261 R-220Pro 400V o.K. D2
118764X262 R-220Pro 400V o.K. D2W
118764X271 R-220Pro 400V o.K. DB2
118764X272 R-220Pro 400V o.K. DB2W
118764X531 R-220Pro upgrade f R153 D 400V
118766C201 R-220Pro 400V Essential 20L V
118774C342 R-220Pro 400V HP 20L W
118794B211 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L R
118794B212 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L RW
118794B221 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L RB
118794B222 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L RBW
118794B231 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L C
118794B232 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L CW
118794B241 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L D
118794B242 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L DW
118794B251 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L DB
118794B252 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L DBW
118794B261 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L D2
118794B262 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L D2W
118794B271 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L DB2
118794B272 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 10L DB2W
118794C211 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L R
118794C212 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L RW
118794C221 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L RB
118794C222 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L RBW
118794C231 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L C
118794C232 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L CW
118794C241 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L D
118794C242 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L DW
118794C251 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L DB
118794C252 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L DBW
118794C261 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L D2
118794C262 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L D2W
118794C271 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L DB2
118794C272 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW 20L DB2W
118794C291 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW Cont 20L
118794X211 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. R
118794X212 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. RW
118794X221 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. RB
118794X222 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. RBW
118794X231 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. C
118794X232 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. CW
118794X241 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. D
118794X242 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. DW
118794X251 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. DB
118794X252 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. DBW
118794X261 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. D2
118794X262 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. D2W
118794X271 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. DB2
118794X272 R-220Pro 400V 4.2kW o.K. DB2W
11R300100A001 R-300H A 230
11R300100A002 R-300H A 110
11R300100A011 R-300H WB A 230
11R300100A012 R-300H WB A 110
11R300100A021 R-300H IS WB A 230
11R300100A022 R-300H IS WB A 110
11R300100A031 R-300H IP WB A 230
11R300100A032 R-300H IP WB A 110
11R300100A041 R-300H IS VB A 230
11R300100A042 R-300H IS VB A 110
11R300100A051 R-300H IP VB A 230
11R300100A052 R-300H IP VB A 110
11R300100A101 R-300H A PG 230
11R300100A102 R-300H A PG 110
11R300100A111 R-300H WB A PG 230
11R300100A112 R-300H WB A PG 110
11R300100A121 R-300H IS WB A PG 230
11R300100A122 R-300H IS WB A PG 110
11R300100A131 R-300H IP WB A PG 230
11R300100A132 R-300H IP WB A PG 110
11R300100A141 R-300H IS VB A PG 230
11R300100A142 R-300H IS VB A PG 110
11R300100A151 R-300H IP VB A PG 230
11R300100A152 R-300H IP VB A PG 110
11R300100C001 R-300H C 230
11R300100C002 R-300H C 110
11R300100C011 R-300H WB C 230
11R300100C012 R-300H WB C 110
11R300100C021 R-300H IS WB C 230
11R300100C022 R-300H IS WB C 110
11R300100C031 R-300H IP WB C 230
11R300100C032 R-300H IP WB C 110
11R300100C041 R-300H IS VB C 230
11R300100C042 R-300H IS VB C 110
11R300100C051 R-300H IP VB C 230
11R300100C052 R-300H IP VB C 110
11R300100C101 R-300H C PG 230
11R300100C102 R-300H C PG 110
11R300100C111 R-300H WB C PG 230
11R300100C112 R-300H WB C PG 110
11R300100C121 R-300H IS WB C PG 230
11R300100C122 R-300H IS WB C PG 110
11R300100C131 R-300H IP WB C PG 230
11R300100C132 R-300H IP WB C PG 110
11R300100C141 R-300H IS VB C PG 230
11R300100C142 R-300H IS VB C PG 110
11R300100C151 R-300H IP VB C PG 230
11R300100C152 R-300H IP VB C PG 110
11R300100N001 R-300H N 230
11R300100N002 R-300H N 110
11R300100N011 R-300H WB N 230
11R300100N012 R-300H WB N 110
11R300100N021 R-300H IS WB N 230
11R300100N022 R-300H IS WB N 110
11R300100N031 R-300H IP WB N 230
11R300100N032 R-300H IP WB N 110
11R300100N041 R-300H IS VB N 230
11R300100N042 R-300H IS VB N 110
11R300100N051 R-300H IP VB N 230
11R300100N052 R-300H IP VB N 110
11R300100S001 R-300H S 230
11R300100S002 R-300H S 110
11R300100S011 R-300H WB S 230
11R300100S012 R-300H WB S 110
11R300100S021 R-300H IS WB S 230
11R300100S022 R-300H IS WB S 110
11R300100S031 R-300H IP WB S 230
11R300100S032 R-300H IP WB S 110
11R300100S041 R-300H IS VB S 230
11R300100S042 R-300H IS VB S 110
11R300100S051 R-300H IP VB S 230
11R300100S052 R-300H IP VB S 110
11R300100S101 R-300H S PG 230
11R300100S102 R-300H S PG 110
11R300100S111 R-300H WB S PG 230
11R300100S112 R-300H WB S PG 110
11R300100S121 R-300H IS WB S PG 230
11R300100S122 R-300H IS WB S PG 110
11R300100S131 R-300H IP WB S PG 230
11R300100S132 R-300H IP WB S PG 110
11R300100S141 R-300H IS VB S PG 230
11R300100S142 R-300H IS VB S PG 110
11R300100S151 R-300H IP VB S PG 230
11R300100S152 R-300H IP VB S PG 110
11R300100V001 R-300H V 230
11R300100V002 R-300H V 110
11R300100V011 R-300H WB V 230
11R300100V012 R-300H WB V 110