SD Polymerase, 50 U / µl

SD Polymerase, 50 U / µl
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SD Polymerase, 50 U / µl


SD Polymerase is a novel artificial thermostable polymerase providing a strong strand displacement activity.
Unlike natural enzymes with strong strand displacement activity as Phi29 or Bst Polymerase, which are active below 68 °C only, SD Polymerase is stable up to 93 °C.
This allows running isothermal amplification like LAMP with initial heating-up for increased specificity.
SD Polymerase has 5’ – 3’ polymerase and 5’ – 3’ strand displacement activities.
It does not have any exonuclease activity.
The enzyme does 3’-A-overhangs.
SD Polymerase is also available as a HotStart version.

Cat. Number : BN108800

Package Content : 1000 Unid.
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