Thermoblock 48 s, 48 wells, 0.5 ml tubes

Thermoblock 48 s, 48 wells, 0.5 ml tubes
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Thermoblock 48 s, 48 wells, 0.5 ml tubes

Real-Time and Standard Thermocycler

Thermoblocks can be ordered separately for Thermocycler Basic and Gradient versions, the thermocycler will recognize them automatically after changing.
Special triple block made of anodised aluminium can be used for 3 independent PCR runs (3 × 21 wells for 0.2 ml tubes). 3 passive lids protect against condensation.
Thermoblocks 48, 96 and 384 are made of electroformed gold plated silver for tubes (48-well, 96-well) and microtiterplates (96-well and 384-well).
Basic thermocycler can be upgraded from no gradient to 8-zone gradient system.

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