Compressor-cooled incubator ICP110, 108l, -12-60°C

Compressor-cooled incubator ICP110, 108l, -12-60°C
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Número de artículo.: ICP110 4.995,00 € para 1 Pieza más IVA (21%) más costes de envío
Compressor-cooled incubator ICP110, with TwinDISPLAY, 108 l, working-temperature range and setting range -12 °C to +60 °C (not suitable for long-term storing at sub-zero temperatures. During permanent operation, the glass door may ice over); with 2 grids, outside stainless steel door, inside glass door, electronically adjustable fan speed from 10 % to 100 % in 10 % steps, Ethernet interface for reading out protocol log, uploading programmes and for online logging, USB port on ControlCOCKPIT for use of USB stick, multiple overtemperature protection, internal data logger with storage capacity of at least 10 years, calibration facility; works calibration certificate at +10 °C, +37 °C; textured stainless steel exterior: 745 x 1233 x 584 mm; stainless steel interior: 560 x 480 x 400 mm; voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz; max. electrical load: approx. 1200 W
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(-) Datos técnicos:
Descripción de tipo de producto: ICP110
Volumen nominal: 108 l
Unidad de refrigeración disponibles: -12 °C
Maximum operating temperature: 60 °C
Peso neto: 113 kg
(-) Datos relacionados con la exportación:
Código Arancelario: 84198998 + Info
País de origen: Germany
Región de origen: Baviera
Peso bruto: 141 kg
Indicador de doble uso: No
Anchura de embalaje: 0,88 m
Altura de embalaje: 1,41 m
Profundidad de embalaje: 0,81 m
Volumen de embalaje: 1,005m³


  • ICP110B00325
    Perforated stainless steel shelf
  • ICP110B04359
    Stainless steel bottom drip tray, 15 mm rim (may affect the temperature distribu
  • ICP110B33170
    USB User-ID stick (with User-ID licence): Oven-linked authorisation licence (Use
  • ICP110D00124
    IQ document with device-specific works test data, OQ/PQ check list as support fo
  • ICP110D00127
    IQ/OQ document with device-specific works test data for one free-selectable temp
  • ICP110E02073
    Stainless steel slide-in drip tray, 15 mm rim (may affect the temperature distri
  • ICP110E06189
    Ethernet connection cable 5 m for computer interface
  • ICP110E06192
    USB-Ethernet adapter
  • ICP110E20165
    Stainless steel grid, electropolished
  • ICP110E29767
    Additional reinforced stainless steel grid, electropolished, max. loading 60 kg;
  • ICP110FDAQ1
    FDA confroming software AtmoCONTROL (FDA edition). Meets the requirements for th
  • ICP110FDAQ2
    Integration of additional units (up to max. 15 units) into an already existent F



  • ICP110B6
    Door with lock and key (safety lock)
  • ICP110B8
    Door hinged on the left
  • ICP110C3
    MobileALERT, notification by SMS in case of any error or alarm of the device. Re
  • ICP110D00109
    Works calibration certificate for one (freely selectable) temperature value acco
  • ICP110D00130
    Works calibration certificate for 3 temperatures: 0 °C, +37 °C, +60 °C
  • ICP110D4
    Process-dependent programmable door lock
  • ICP110F0
    Entry port, 23 mm clear diameter, for introducing connections at the side, can b
  • ICP110F1
    Entry port, 23 mm clear diameter, for introducing connections at the side, can b
  • ICP110F7
    Entry port (silicone), 40 mm clear diameter, moisture tight, can be closed by si
  • ICP110H4
    Flexible Pt100 for positioning in chamber or in load with socket, 4-pin, accordi
  • ICP110H5
    Potential-free contact (24 V/2 A) with socket, according to NAMUR NE 28 for exte
  • ICP110H6
    Potential-free contact for combination error message (e.g. supply failure, senso
  • ICP110H72
    Potential-free contact (24 V/2 A) with socket to NAMUR NE 28, for signal
  • ICP110H8
    Flexible Pt100 temperature sensor, positioned flexibly in chamber or load, for l
  • ICP110R3
    Interior socket, ampacity 230 V/2.2 A, can be switched off with the On/Off switc
  • ICP110V3
    4 - 20 mA current loop interface 4 - 20 mA current loop interface (-20 to +70 °C
  • ICP110V4
    Fan speed monitoring with switching off the heating and with alarm in case of fa
  • ICP110V5
  • ICP110V6
    4 - 20 mA current loop interface Temperature of a Pt100 sensor positioned flexib
  • ICP110X2
    Voltage 115 V, 50/60 Hz