Pure and ultrapure water system OmniaTap 12 UV

Pure and ultrapure water system OmniaTap 12 UV
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Pure and ultrapure water system OmniaTap 12 UV
for direct tap water connection
and the production of pure and ultrapure water acc. ASTM type II and I equipped as standard with 10 l purified water tank with recirculation and optional pressure outlet, OptiFill dispensing/monitoring unit and leak detector, ready for use incl. pretreatment cartridge, ultrapure water cartridge, UV-unit 185/254 nm and sterile filter capsule 0,2 µm
Ultrapure water ASTM type I:
Conductivity µS/cm: 0,055
Resistivity MΩ x cm: 18,2
TOC-value ppb: 1-5
Bacterial content CFU/ml: < 0,1
Dispensing performance l/min.: up to 2
Reinwasser ASTM Typ II:
Conductivity µS/cm: 0,067-0,1
Resistivity MΩ x cm: 15-10
Pure water performance l/h: 12
Dimensions with dispenser mm: W 390 x D 615 x H 720
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(-) Datos técnicos:
Tasa de producción de agua pura: 12 l/h
Filtración ultra: No
Suministro de voltaje: 230 V AC
Suministro de voltaje: 115 V AC
Irridiación UV:


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