EASICOLLECT Dispositivo toma muestras bucales de DNA y transferencia a tarjetas

EASICOLLECT Dispositivo toma muestras bucales de DNA y transferencia a tarjetas
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EASICOLLECT Dispositivo toma muestras bucales de DNA y transferencia a tarjetas FTA

EasiCollect Whatman EasiCollect device collects, stabilizes, processes, transports, and archives buccal DNA samples. A novel design to facilitate collection, transport, and archiving of buccal and saliva samples. Includes an Indicating FTA Card that changes color from pink to white upon sample addition for easy visualization. Allows conventional and direct STR amplification chemistries for easy implementation into workflows. Compatible with Micro-Punch, Uni-Core Punch, e-Core punch, and easyPunch. Enables long-term archiving of samples at room temperature. EasiCollect device simplifies buccal cell collection and transportation. The novel design has been engineered for maximal cell collection and uniform sample application to FTA Cards to overcome individual differences. The pressure clips molded into the EasiCollect device ensure a uniform and constant pressure for reproducible transfer of cells to the FTA Card. FTA chemistry lyses cells on contact, denatures proteins, and protects DNA from degradation. DNA remains tightly bound to the FTA Card while proteins and inhibitors are washed away. Once dried, the FTA Card can be removed from the EasiCollect device and archived. The slim design of the card enables high capacity storage. EasiCollect and FTA Facilitate Analysis and Storage EasiCollect device includes a removable 2 × 2 inch (5 × 5 cm) Indicating FTA Card. Indicating FTA Cards are compatible with the semi-automated eCore Punch, the fully automated Hamilton easyPunch, and other automated punching systems, removing the bottleneck of manual FTA punching. For maximum flexibility, the EasiCollect device can be purchased separately, in the off-the-shelf EasiCollect buccal sample collection kit, or included in a custom buccal collection kit.

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Reference Num.: GEWB120462
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