FHA 13/32/200 EPC3016P1 programmer Horizontal tube furnaces up to 1350 °C

FHA 13/32/200 EPC3016P1 programmer Horizontal tube furnaces up to 1350 °C
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Horizontal tube furnaces up to 1350 °C

1350°C max. temperature
200 mm heated length
400 mm total furnace length
32 mm Max. outer work tube diameter
inner diameter heating element 50mm
without work tube
420 x 400 x 350 mm (HxWxD) outer dimensions furnace
3 metre cable to separate control module, plug adds 150 mm to depth of control module
500 x 550 x 700 (HxWxD) outer dimensions control module
Adjustable digital over temperature protection with separate thermocouple and controller
Digital PID controller (see details in separate position)
Power supply: 230 V, single phase, 50 Hz, 1.2 kW

The picture shows an item from the same kind.
Size and outfit could be different to that type.

Digital programmer EPC3016P1 with 24 programmable segments (e.g. 12 ramps and 12 dwell times)

- Electronic reference junction
- Thermocouple pressure relief device
- Electronic limitation of the adjustability
- Digital temperature adjusting
- 1.6" digital display of process and working temperature
- Max. 2 relay operated options (e.g. solenoid valves, cooling fan, door lock)
- Ethernet port (RJ45) TCP/IP certified to Achilles CRT level 1 cyber security
- PID controller certified to EN14597 TR
- Protection class front sealing NEMAX4X IP66
- Languages: German, English, Frensh, Italian, Spainish

To run the furnace, please order one of the following packages
- Work Tube Mullite (610) 26x32x390mm + Plugs for ID 26mm up to 1400°C
- Basic Inert Gas Bundle FHA 13/32/200
- Vacuum package (on request)

Upgrade price for CC-T1 from 3016P1 (00052398)
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